“GRINDIN’ IT UP” by ISSA (US) has been included in PROJECT HOUSE, VOL 10 on LW Recordings!

This House Music compilation releasing on 6-19-17 contains tracks and remixes by True2Life ft. Lady Bunny, Christian Malloni, Mark Pigato, Paul Matthews, Max & Sims, Sanny X, Jay Pei, Funky Truckerz, PEZNT, David Latour, Alex Raider, Soul Divide, Harry Romero, Secret Sinz, Return of the Jaded, Alejandra, TheElement, Sean Moriguchi, Beat Amusement, Marcus Wedgewood & Glen Horsborough ft. Laura Louise, Tryk Poniz ft. Kate Wild, Mi-Cara, Jacobo & Tucanae, Moree MK, Maui Beach, Barry Obzee, ISSA (US), Disco Dikc, Optimal Chill State, Nick Corline VS Rita Gherz.